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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Friday's post...

Wendesday evening I felt an ear ache coming on but didn't think to much of it since I get at least one a year and always have, and also have usually been able to tough them out. Unfortunatly, it got rather unbearable in the night and I spent most of it awake and upright. Thursday it eventually got better as the day went on, but the night was a rinse and repeat. The pain was so bad I was taking pain killers from when I had my tonsils removed and it wasn't helping at all. With no office visit coverage and money being tight, we tend to push our medical issues to the edge. It's not that we don't have the money but to drop $150 when we don't have much, it's just really hard to do. By Friday night, the pain had just gotten unbearable so I went to a walk in clinic. Turns out I had a busted eardrum that was infected. The doctor mentioned several times that he couldn't imagine how much pain I was in, yadda yadda. It reminded me of when I did this with my breathing and the doctor was in awe as well I was making it on so little. Oh how I took office visit coverage for granted, it is no fun pushing things like this to the max.

So, I walked out of there with having to do 2 weeks of antibiotics, ear drops, and instructions to take motrin around the clock for the next 48 hours. By the next morning, I was feeling significantly better. Not going in sooner ending up costing us more money because we also have awful prescription coverage and all that was high dollar stuff. I hate to be whiney but medical is just killing us! We are still paying on Parker's dental work, my ovary removal, we aren't going to the dentists now ourselves (John and I) because we don't have coverage, we pay about $800 a month out of pocket for this crap ass coverge, and that doesn't include if we actually get sick or have to goto the doctors for regular maintenance (or even well visits). Most of this is my fault for having a chronic condition or two. I am clearly sinking our family with each inhaler puff.

On the bright side of that rant, I am doing much better and am so greatful to not be at that level of pain right now. My kids have never had an ear infection (knock on pini), but I can promise I don't care how poor we are, I will never push them to the limit with this like I did myself if they do. Throughout the whole ordeal I was just greatful it was me and not them, or John. I'd be in the nut house right now if it was John. Have I ever mentioned the weekend he had floss stuck between his teeth and was completly taken out by the discomfort? Good times.

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