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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Saturday's post...

Friday my parents called and asked if they could take the boys to the cabin this weekend since the weather was looking so good. I immediatly climbed to the rooftops and yelled yes, exactly what I needed with my ear issue going on. John was working Saturday as it was, and I was just dreading the day. So, I got to sleep all day, watch a little Lifetime (The 19th Wife, just okay), and sleep some more. When John got home I was feeling good enough to go out. We debated long and hard on what to do, dinner and some beers were out with my ear, but dinner and movie, dinner and a rental were options. We decided to do a moderate dinner so we could also do breakfast the next day and go thrift store shopping. We went to this hole in the wall Mexican place that ended up having some yummy tacos! After that we hit 3 thrift stores. John found 4 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of jeans, all under $2/ea, I got a book and some lounge pants, and then a pr of shorts for Parker and a puzzle. I cannot find used boy jeans anymore that have knees, it's actually quite funny but also sucky at the same time. It wasn't the perfect kidfree evening nor what our first choice would be, but it was really nice nonetheless and we slept in until 10:30Sunday (actually 11:00 for me) and that rocked.

Oh, John also bought this little gem. What a find! I'm rather shocked it was still on the shelf let alone someone was willing to give it up.

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