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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



I was browsing shoebuy for winter boots and came across these. It's times like these I wish I was ridicously rich because I swear if I was, I would totally buy them just so I could show up to playgroup or Thanksgiving with them on, acting all casual. I see stuff all the time I'd love to do that with. Other things I would do is buy all those random things for people you come across and give it to them. Not that I'd do it everyday, but I'd just love to freely have that option. I'd also ask my sons' schools how much they make a year from the fundraisers and just write a check to each flat out, so they can leave the farking parents alone with the constant badgering. Did you know Cooper's preschool Halloween party is $30. THIRTY DOLLARS. Plus they'd like a bag of candy and a sugar cookie donation. Geez, I don't think my prom was much more. Granted that was in the dark ages, but I still think it's crazy.

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