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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Tuesday is Parker and Mom day. Or afternoon, since he goes to school. Okay late afternoon, early evening. Whateve. My parents pick up #2 from preschool so that leaves me free for the day and gives me the chance to have some rare time with P man.

So, I pick him up from school and we always hit McDonald's first. This was before the special I saw on how the food doesn't decompose. Oh, who am I kidding, we would still have gone and will still go. He didn't even eat the crap until about 6months ago so it could be worse.

Then it was on to the Halloween store. I still need a costume for a party John and I are going to. Finding a costume for the short fat female variety who's on a strict budget is no easy task, and alas, no purchase was made. Parker jumped between scared (when I asked he'd just keeping saying "little bit, little bit scared") and loving it. Here he is (he's inside the mask). Reminds me of him as a newborn when he had all that hair behind his ears and on his back.

Finally, it was off to the library. Parker got the typical 7yr old book choosings, one's on Australia, New Zealand, the weather, and tornadoes. He also got his first library card! I don't know why we never thought to get him one before but once I saw you could only check out 3 dvd's (this was that new library we found), my quick on the uptake self realized it was time for him to make this big milestone. Bonus, we got 3 dvd's each. So here he is with his new card and his massive front teeth I'm really hoping he grows into one day. We really need to work on tucking those biggins in when he smiles. It's like he's doing the opposite just to taunt me a little in a silent manipulative way.

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