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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Book Review:The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

This book is set in 1940 and centers aroun a radio personality, a Cape Cod town postmaster, and the town's doctor and new wife. Then there is of course the various side characters and really the main character, the impending war and what is already happening "far away".

I think I had to high expectations of this book because I was on my famous paperbackswap wait list so long. I was bored through much of it, predicted some, but the ending was good and finally held my attention.

This is the last paragraph of the book in "The Story Behind The Story" section and it sums the book up much better then I could.
"It's about the lies we tell others to protect them, and about the lies we tell ourselves inorder not to acknowledge what we can't bear:that we are alive, for instance, and eating lunch, while bombs are falling, and refugees are crammed into camps, and the news come toward us every hour of the day. And what, in the end, do we do?"

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