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Friday, November 12, 2010



We had conferences for both boys and I just don't have the energy yet to type out Parker's, but I will. So, Cooper first.

He is doing super well! It's only preschool, so this is good news. He is 1 of only a handful of students that is going to start Handwriting Without Tears, because he's got his letters and sounds down, knows his shapes and numbers, etc...While he is ahead of the game there, were he is struggling is his fine motor skills, which we knew. He can even spell many words, but he'll do it on his little computer instead of writing them. He will not write and color for us because he's not good at it. An issue, because knowledge wise, he is ready for this. So, we got some simple things to do at home to work on his hand strength and really, we aren't to worried, but it does back up my belief a little that he's not ready for K next year.

Parker took this picture of Coop and I thought it was cute. They were in our bedroom watching tv with the door shut. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in there, but mostly I am just greatful when it's quiet. but not too quiet or quiet for too long...

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