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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Saturday's Post...

It has been a hell of a long week. Monday, Parker stayed home sick. Tuesday he seemed better, we sent him in, and the school called before noon saying he had pink eye. So, for the 2nd week in a row, my kid free Christmas shopping day is foiled. He falls asleep Tuesday at 3:00 and doesn't really wake up until the next day around 3:00, with the occassional demand for water or to pee. Seems to be doing better Wednesday night and we think we'll keep him home Thursday as a just to be safe day, but he wakes up worse and the eye is out of control. Thursday night we goto urgent care and get meds for the eye and a diagnosis of acute bronchitis. Friday he is awake and demanding but looks like hell. This is when I get sick, just a nasty winter cold, nothing big but enough to make me tired and miserable. Saturday we are seeing big improvements with the bronchitis but even now, which is Sunday, his eye still doesn't look very good! I don't know what to do, we have to get him back in school! and I have to get out of this house! and I swear on my dog's life that I wish would die, I just got a call that school is canceled for tomorrow due to snow. I think this is a blessing, because I really don't know if he could of gone with his eye like it is. I will say that one big blessing is Parker is finally taking medicines for us if we put it in 7up. This is massively huge life changing. Granted, we push the doctor off a lot because we don't have office visit coverage but another reason has been he wouldn't ingest meds, no matter how you tried to approach or hide it. This is actually the first time he's ever been on antibiotics!

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