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Sunday, December 12, 2010


In addition to it being a long week due to illness, the fact that we had not gotten a Christmas tree yet and this seem just unbearable to #1, certainly didn't help matters. I actually found this where the Christmas Tree usually goes.

John had suggested we cut down a pine tree from the backyard due to financial issues and I was not for this at all. Well...between Parker's eye, the blizzard we got today, and time contraints, he won.

I give you, our Christmas tree farm (and a cute pic of Coop).

Given the vast selection, we somehow narrowed it down between big and ugly or not as big and ugly.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The no garland or tree topper is not helping matters, but we are snowed in. So, I am stuck looking at this pitifulness for a few days and John is as pleasd as can be. This never makes me happy.

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