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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Saturday & Sunday

Omgosh, am I struggling down the home stretch here. Doesn't help that the book I am reading is over 1000pages so I don't even have my reviews to do as fillers.

The weekend was mellow, so there is just no pictures to post. I did talk John into going to Blockbuster because I saw a sign that said 99cent movies. We get in there and basically they've redone their prices and there's maybe 5 99cent movies in the joint. There is a bunch of $2.99 ones, so we rented The Perfect Getaway. For $3bucks, it was pretty good! Let's see, oh, the Lion's won Sunday, on the road. This was big, to John anyways. So, yeah, that was our weekend and you can see why I am coming up blank on pics.

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