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Friday, December 31, 2010


I've been reflecting a bit the last few days on what kind of year 2010, and was actually pretty down on it for some reason. I knew that it was a good year simply because there wasn't as much death as 2009 and I always feel blessed to have my parentsalive and healthy, but besides that I was kind of just focusing on the bad. I think because December was rough financially and the overall mood here is low. When I fully reflect though I realize that it was a really fun year.

I thought I'd end this year with the way I started it, the good and the bad of the year:
reflecting on 2009

- I love my trips and while these weren't dream vacations by any means, they were really nice. I got to spend a weekend in Ohio with friends, goto Texas again, we had an awesome trip to East Tawas, and also took the boys camping for the first time.
- Healthy parents, husband, and children
- finally getting Cooper help for his toe walking (PT)
- Parker is making new friendships and maintaining old ones
- John and I are good for the most part (we have our moments of course)
- truly had a blessed Christmas and were spoiled by my parents
- as the boys are getting older we are able to do a lot of new and fun things, it's nice. we are also getting more alone time as they are easier to take now by the grandparents

- even worse off financially
- surgery I had, removing my ovary
- boys are uninsured for January and that is scary. Had to downgrade John's insurance to castrophe, very scary as well.
- Parker is not doing well academically and it's just hard to watch
- my health is exactly the same, still on the steriods (gosh, it's been years now), and weight once again has climbed

What I would like for 2010:
- I say this every year but off the steroids and some weight loss
- A Wii (hee, hee)
- Cooper to stop toe walking
- Parker to start reading
- Take 2 camping trips & one weekend at the cabin. 1 get together with my out of state friends.
- keep our house w/o having to cash in our retirement accounts
- no surgeries
- read more, play with the boys more, less computer time
- not be so argumentative over shit that doesn't matter. Just be more patient and chill.

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