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Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Random Rambles

1. I am no longer a leo. If you know me well enough, you know this is a crock o crap. Not that I believe in this stuff or anything.

2. Our paperwork is finally to the underwriter for the mortgage modification. So, only 30-60more days until we know. Yes, ONLY. I can't imagine what else they are going to want, I should start preparing Parker if it's the first born.

3. If I have to answer one more question about the ocean, I may drive myself to the nearest one, dose myself in blood to attract sharks, and jump in. Yes, that would be P's current obession. Salt water fish tanks to be exact.

4. I could prepare dinner with the amount of crumbs in my laptop keyboard.

5. Thinking about showering today, but not when John is home. He seems to think it's some type of sign for lovin not that maybe I just would like to be clean.

6. Cooper is currently practicing for Wipeout on the couches.

7. I consider our new wireless printer (Christmas gift) my 3rd born. It also might be my favorite child, if it's true confession time.

8. If Dora doesn't find cocaine island soon, I'm cracking open the wine early today.

9. How can a dog that came from death row at the animal shelter, starving, turn her nose at popcorn. I know why. She knows it'd be way to helpful if she were to eat it. She likes to watch me vacuum and sweep. I know it. I've even see her winking at the kids, as I push that p.o.s. dyson over the crumbs 50trillion times before just breaking down and doing something I hate to do, bend over.

10. I make Cooper wear his moonboots everywhere so we can skip socks. It's awesome. You can hear him stomp his way all through Target.

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  1. Thanks for the laughs. LOL

    and the castaways looks like a really good book that could be a movie.