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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Review - Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

Prep is about a high school boarding school out east. The main character, Lee, is from the midwest and on scholarship, so she immediatly doesn't fit in. Or doesn't let herself fit in, that is debateable. The book follows all 4years of her schooling. There are somethings that Lee does that I don't understand at all, like wanting to goto boarding school in the first place, and then somethings that I could totally relate too. You find her at times so fustrating, like a true teenager I imagine, and can't really figure out what she is thinking or why. While the book is about high school, it doesn't read like a young adult novel and is actually written from her perspective in her late twenties. I really like that and I think it's why an adult can read this and relate and enjoy the book. It reminds you of some times and makes you reflect a bit. It's one I've seen recommended time and time again over the years and finally got too. I am glad I did.

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