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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I had such a great day! Actually weekend.

John and I decided to get each other a flowering tree for the front yard, for Mother's/Father's day, so we picked that out during the week (Prairfire Crab Tree) and he planted that Saturday. We also had Cooper's t ball practice and then our monthly game night with 2 other couples, which always makes a weekend good.

During the week we had tossed around the idea of going to the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI. Gas is so high though, $4.20/ga, and would of cost us $60 just for that. With a few other expenses we have going on this month, it just didn't make sense to go, as much as we wanted it too. SOOOO....I woke up to coffee and breakfast in bed. John sent Cooper in to wish me a Happy Mother's Day which he promptly said to both Daisy and myself. Mind you not only is Daisy barren and never had children but has eaten the young of 1 momma bird and 1 momma rabbit that we know of. I question Cooper's standards. Oh, which reminds me, Parker choose to do the Mother's Day project at school for my mom, good time Grandma, instead of me. Yeah.

Anyway...We decided to head out and do some garage saling and hit a flea market. After scoring some good deals, we grabbed lunched to go and went to a new playground.

We meandered our way back, taking time to stop at one of my favorite stores, Past Tense, were I picked out a few goodies. We got home, had some popsicles, then it was off for our first frog hunt of the season. Parker caught 3 frogs and 1 fish. Yes, a fish! In a ditch!! So weird.

For dinner I had my favorite, crab, we watched the Amazing Race Finale and hockey playoffs.

It was a perfect day with a little of everything I love. OH, and on top of all that, John did his annual gift of cleaning out my truck!! I am a happy girl.

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