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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm 8 now!

My baby turned 8 today. He's been waiting for this all month. I woke him up this morning, he rolled over all sleepy and asks me "Am I 8 now?". I said yes and he yelled Yeah! and hopped out of bed. He immediatly greeted is dad with, I'm 8 now! When I took him to school and dropped his treats off he walked in the classroom and announced he's 8 now, and it goes on. My Mom called to wish him a happy birthday and he picks up the phone and says "I'm 8 now mamma!" and then with the next 2 grandparent phone calls as well.

He had a most awesome birthday. We surprised him with a train trip to Chicago and Shedd's next week! He also got a camera from grandma and grandpa along with some cool toys.

I personally can't believe he is 8, it sounds so old and I can't wrap my brain around it. I am sure the fact that he is in 1st grade still and is more at a 6yr old level plays into that a bit! Tomorrow we are having a playdate since there is no school and that should wrap up the weeklong festivities.


  1. Hey Dana ~ I wondered if you wanted some canvas masonite prints of Cooper (the one where he's wearing that lion outfit). I have two ~ exact same pose. I'm cleaning out closets and the house and figured I'd offer these to you (they are large, 20x24 if I recall). Free of charge, just please get them ASAP as I'm in major "get rid of" mode, LOL! Email me if you want 'em. ;o)

  2. Hey, thanks for asking!! Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, just saw this. How far do you live from Safari Playground in Holly? I am there tomorrow, debating if it's worth me driving to your place from there with stinking gas prices.

  3. Hey Dana ~ just now seeing this response. I never got a notification sent that you responded. Weird. At any rate...I'm about 15-17 mins from there. I volunteer at the Holly Baptist church every other Friday night and it's a block up the road from there.
    But I don't suppose you are going there anytime soon again? I'd hate to throw these out as they were over $100 each at my cost...but I have no use for them since closing up the business. Garbage day is tomorrow morning and unless I hear otherwise from you to hold onto them, they'll be hitting the dump with the rest of my basement, LOL! You can leave a message on my blog (I don't want to put my private email out here for everyone to see) or I think my hubby sent you a FB message and you can respond to that. Take care!

  4. Hey, I don't get a notification either and didn't get anything on FB from Mike, so I just saw this. No problem, thanks for asking anyways, that was nice of you!