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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book Review:Even Silence Has An End by Ingrid Betancourt

Even Silence Has An End is the 7year story of former politician Ingrid Beatancourt's time spent in captivity by the FARC, a terrorist guerrilla organization, in the Colombian jungle. It is a longer book and one I thought would be interesting, but may be come boring at times or drag on, especially knowing how it all ends. I was very surprised to find it held me captivated until the very end, if anything gaining more momentum as it went on. Sitting in my house during 90degree weather with no a/c on to save funds, I found it hard to complain, let me say! There are times I really liked the author and others I can tell she is a woman that would drive me insane in real life and maybe is a bit egotistical, but you can't discount her experience or perseverance. The backdrop of the book in the jungle, the workings of what is happeninging else where in this world politicaly, just adds to the amazing true story. Very good book!

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