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Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Reviews

So, I didn't quite make my goal this year of 60+ books I think it was. I don't even want to look, lol. In fact, I read far less this year then I have in quite some time. Long as I continue to actively read I'm okay with that, although I would at least like to read 40 in 2012, 50 would make me super happy.

I'm behind 3 books in reviewing, so here they are quick and dirty.

Still Missing - Really good, I recommend it. It's about a woman who is kidnapped, what she goes through while in captivity, then her life after she is free.

The Hangman's Daughter - This took me a few weeks to plow through, but it was worth the read. Just for the different subject matter, if anything else. It's fictional, yet fairly educational of the time era. It is the story of an actual hangman and centers around one case of a suspected witch. The book dragged a bit towards the end, but was worth the time to read. I checked it out through my prime lending account on amazon.

Columbine - While it was a bit on the long side, this book was incredibly informative about the Columbine school shooting. So many rumors and myths are brought to light that I think the general public still believes. For example, that the shooters were disliked and bullied. Not true. What I found saddest of all is the foreshadowing of what was going to happen, it truly could of been stopped. The actual descriptions of what went on in the school is heartbreaking, horrifying, a true nightmare. It's amazing to me that these kids and adults are able to carry on after. I have to say I also feel bad for these boys parents, I just couldn't imagine going on with life after that.

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