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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book Review - A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard

This is the memoir written by Jaycee Dugard, the woman that was kidnapped and found after 18years. It talks of the day she was kidnapped, much of her life while in captivity, and of her rescue. The book was very good. There were things in there I expected and then things I never event thought of or can wrap my brain around that she endured. 18 years. 18 YEARS. 2 kids with her rapist. Imagine just being a typical kid at 12 one day and 2 years later you've been a sex slave all that time and are having to let that very man assist you in a homebirth and age 14!

Jaycee does a good job of addressing I think most of what people want to know and understand. Parts are hard to read due to the subject matter, but it isn't to graphic nor drawn out to much. You can just can really not believe what this girl/woman had to go through and I hope she is doing as good as she sounds like she is today.


  1. This book....was something else. I got it the day it came out and finished it that day. I just couldn't put it down! I passed it on to a friend who experienced sexual abuse in her life and it wrecked her. Just such a sad, confusing, messed up story. I sure hope she is doing as well as she tries to convince us she is. Rather, I hope she doesn't go on in life and then at a new age of maturity or revelation, break down once all the infamous celebrity is gone and she deals with even harder, deeply buried stuff. My heart just broke for her while reading her story. :(

  2. I couln't imagine reading it and having a daughter around that age. That would be especially hard.