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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have a 9 year old!

I can still remember Parker being little and people saying they had a 9 year old and it sounding so old. Maybe because he doesn't look 9 to me. Or act 9 for that matter, but I am just in denial. He had just an amazing birthday. Really a birthday week, after we do the family get togethers. My inlaws got him a laptop my FIL refurbished for him. My parents got him his first big fish tank, which is his dream come true. From us, he opted for a party instead of going to a waterpark hotel for the night. That was today and it went so well! He was so spoiled rotten and I feel so blessed to have such awesome friends that went out of their way to get him things he loves, not your typical 9 year old gifts. Fish, a venus fly trap plant, ocean jewelry, a remote bird, super cool stuff.

Parker at 9....
He is still a happy boy and that has always been one of John and I's main objectives in raising him. It weighs heavily on our minds when we have to make the tough decisions. He does not love school, hates music class, but he is thriving in the CI classroom we moved him in academically and making progress. Something we didn't see much of last year, so it's very reassuring. He still loves ocean stuff, warm weather, swimming, catching frogs and turtles, and he's added some new interests to the mix. Tropical birds and fruit and geography. He has big plans one day to open up a Shedd's like aquarium in Detroit because there is an obvious need. He needs his space a little more then Cooper likes, but they do play together great outside, wrestle tons inside, and choose to share a room together. He's also one heck of a movie lover for not watching tv for 2 years because it scared him so much. He's still my loving, cuddly boy and March 31st, 2003 is honestly the best day of my life. He made me a mom.

His party...

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