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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New School Year

Parker started 3rd grade this year (CI class, with mainstreaming for science and social studies plus specials) and Cooper started Kindy! Same school, all day, what to do with myself, right?   September is crazy busy, so I'll worry about that in October.

This picture is at the school open house. Parker is showing Cooper around the school. It was very cute.
First day of school!
Overall they are doing great.
     Parker, who does not like school and will tell you how much he hates it if you ask, has adjusted without issue. There was lots of anxiety over the summer because he was going to be taking the bus home a few days a week. It was hard for me not to cave, especially when I can pick him up so easily. I've tried the bus in the past and have not been successful, he'd stress all day and not learn.  But his brother really wanted to take the bus, so we thought it was only fair. Having Cooper to sit with along with a piece of gum in the backpack seems to be doing the trick to ease his anxiety a bit. I've very proud of him.
     Cooper, who has always adored school and would ask why he didn't get to go more while in preschool, is exhausted. He enjoys school itself, but the nights have been rough. Crying, whiney, talking back, behavior issues, stuff we've never really dealt with, with him, much. He's never gone to school all day before though and it is only day 3 today, so I'm sure he will adjust soon. He is loving it at least! He's not use to having so much less time at home either. Through in soccer for the first time as well, and it's a lot to get use too. 

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