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Monday, October 15, 2012

Cooper turns 6 and loses the big one

So, I'm very behind, but September 21st my baby turned 6.    It's amazing how in the last month he has grown up so much from starting Kindergarten, let alone the last year.  I can't say I don't miss the little guy that was sweet as sugar and loved me like no other, but seeing him become his own person more everyday is pretty awesome too.  He has lots of attitude and is never wrong, much like his Dad.  He loves school, loves it.  He tells us things about it Parker never mentioned in 5 years, lol!  Cooper played soccer this fall, and is looking forward to basketball this winter.  He's bigger then any kid out there and the least aggressive, but is all heart.  His favorite things are playing Wipeout, magnatiles, Angry Birds, and creating things in his room. Right now it is a school John and I have to attend every night and our teacher is Mr. Lee (Lee is his middle name).  It's been a store, a restaurant, an art gallery, always something!

Here are some pictures from his birthday.  Instead of a "big" party he choose a night at a water park hotel.  We are going in a few weeks.  We did have several get togethers to celebrate though and he was well spoiled. 

In other big Cooper news, he lost his top tooth!!  :(((  This is very sad for John and I.  I don't know, but it is one of those things we associate with him getting older that affects us.  John is usually not sentimental about this type of thing, but the top tooth even does it for him.  Not the best picture and he needs a haircut desperately but you get the idea here.

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