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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day 2011

So it wasn't very eventful and this picture is horrible, but I wanted to post something to mark the point in time. Our weekend consisted of having friends over Saturday for game night. 3 couples, 6 kids, it's always fun. Parker has been hot to trot to catch a turtle and I also managed to snag one off the road on my way home from picking up the party sub. Yes, I have a net in my truck, amoung other things, you just never know. His name is Henderson 3 (after the road he was found on, Henderson 1 and 2 were frogs btw) and he proceeded to piss all over my front seat. Apparently I'm scary. Parker played with that turtle all night. Let me tell you, when he sets him down to exercise, I've never seen a turtle move so fast. As a friend said, the turtles motto is I can rest when I'm dead. He's not fast enough though and very well loved, so at Casa Austin he resides for now. Sunday we went for a walk to try and find Cooper one and that's when the above pic was snapped with my cell phone. It was sunny out so I couldn't see it wasn't very good at the time. If you look closely you can see the chickens behind them. This is also where that cocky asshole rooster lives that likes to wake me up every morning because he thinks it's just amazing the sun rose and must let Henderson Road know all about it. I hate that fucker. (okay, I feel better, excuse the language) Anyways, somehow we were "lucky" enough to find another turtle who happened to be crossing the road. He was quickly named....wait for it....Henderson 4. John especially likes this one as it sounds like Harrison Ford.

Summer is about a week in and all has been good so far. We've already had one beach trip and the boys are currently north with my parents for 2 days. John and I went out to dinner and are catching up on some movies. Next week we start the big reading program which is going to be hell, but I am determined to get through it and still have an awesome summer. We have lots of fun things planned with both playgroups, a trip to my parents cabin in East Tawas, and in August if all goes well we'll be going to Ocean City, Maryland!

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