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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review; Those That Save Us by Jenna Blum

This book has been on my shelf for sometime. I had heard it was good, but have read so so many books from this era, I just wasn't drawn to it when I was picking what to read next. Then I saw a friend raving about it on facebook and decided it was time.

Those Who Save Us tells the tale of Anna, a young german girl during WWII. The story alternates between Anna during the 1930's and her grown daughter Trudy, a history professor, in the 1990's. Anna has never spoken to Trudy of what happened to her and Trudy does not even know who her father is or ever been given any information. Trudy is working on a research project telling the side of German's during the war and this ties the book together nicely.

The book is captivating, sad, and horrifying. It reveals sides and stories you do not often hear. It examines the issue of burying the past, why one does that, and the affect it can have not only on that person but those around them. Such a good read, one that stays with you awhile. Very recommended.

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