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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Boys of Summer

Well, it's over. I don't think I've ever had such a good summer as an adult! The weather was perfect. Smokin hot and perfect for the beach. The boys went to the cabin 4 times, 1 great time with us and the other with my parents, we did a fair, the zoo, a waterpark, blueberry picking, the beach around 10x's including day trips to Port Austin and Port Huron, out on friends boats a bunch of times (John even likes boats now and all the boys tubed), lots of game nights with friends, hot air balloon festival, bowling, the movies, a rained out tigers game, pool parties, fireworks, the boys got to go to Canada, I got to go to North Carolina alone to visit friends, it was just awesome and we ended it all with a trip to Pennsylvania and Maryland. It's the biggest vacation we've taken since having 2 kids, we were only gone 5 days, but had such a good time. Parker finally got to see the ocean! He did not love the big waves, even bigger due to Hurricane Irene moving in, but he sure loved all the shells and critters and while I of course loved the ocean, what really surprised me (and John) was how gorgeous PA was, love the mountains.

I am super grateful for this summer. It's one of the reasons I left my job. So I could do this with my kids. The last few kind of sucked due to weather or surgeries or Cooper being little. I was so upset back in June that we were going to have to do Parker's reading program everyday and how it was going to ruin things and it went off the charts better then I expected. More and more we are able to do just funner and funner things with the kids as they get older, we are able to go out with friends more or have dates night, and while I do get sad sometimes we are done with babies, embracing everything we can do now that hey are older is helping with that! I feel like we're in a great part of our lives right now and I am enjoying it. I am so blessed with awesome fun good friends.

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