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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Aside from cooler weather ruining my first day outfit plans, the first day went off without a hitch! John took Cooper to school. He is going to Montessori again, 3 mornings a week. He'd love to go more, but we just can't swing it right now. Parker started 2nd grade! I asked if he wanted me to walk him in and he said yes! We walked through the gym and he saw his best buddy from last year (different class this year unfortunately) and left me in the dust! Luckily I found a needy lost 1st grader to at least make myself feel wanted. After that was done, I went to breakfast with my mom friends from the playgroup. That was nice! Both boys reported successful days. Cooper was quite excited he got picked first for his one on one teaching time with Mrs. Summers. I don't think he realizes it's because his last name starts with an A, lol. Parker had a friend walk him to the gym for parent pick up and Travis reported that "Parker has a great day!". No mood swings, no crying, quite pleasant, even got our reading in tonight, so I'm assuming Travis spoke the truth. Now lets hope it warms up so I can get some short outfits in, grrrr!

On another note, John and I completely forgot it was our 14year anniversary today! A friend was talking about her anniversary at breakfast this morning and I was like, wait a minute! What is today? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, then I realized, We went out to dinner last Friday night to celebrate, so I think it just got lost in the first day festivities.

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