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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He's 5!

Cooper that is. He's been SO excited about his birthday and John and I have really enjoyed it. We didn't really have that with Parker at the same age. It's been a lot of fun. Here he is this morning before school. Yes, it drives me nuts he has water spots on his shirt already, but this is Cooper, so I let it go and try to let him be him.

Last Friday we went to see Lion King with his friends and had cupcakes and ice cream after at the theatre. He had such a good time and it melts my heart to make him feel extra special for a day or two or 5, because he is.

My letter to Cooper:
Dear Coop,

You have really matured over the last year. You're truly turning into your own person with lots of opinions and out of your brother's shadow of just liking or not liking what he does. It is neat to watch and I like that you are becoming more independent. You are still my sweet loving guy, who always notices if I change my hair or ask if I'm okay if I stub my toe. You've definitely still a crazy little boy that loves typical boy stuff and recently it's potty talk and you're a little obsessed with bad words, lol! You're favorite things right now are peanut butter, Wipeout, playing with Ryan, going to school, playing games, and drawing. You crack us up everyday, you are so so hilarous, you say the funniest things and are just so silly. We love you so much, you complete our family. I hope you always wake up happy and go to sleep content because you lived life to the max all day, it's one of my many favorite things about you.


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